Proposed plant divides the crowd

In the US, a biomass plant proposed for New Hampshire has sparked fresh discussions.

The plant was recently granted a 20-year power purchase agreement based on certain terms but this has now been suspended following complaints from other biomass-fired power plants.

Facility operators objecting to the agreement, which is with Public Service of New Hampshire, claims it breaches New Hampshire's renewable energy law and provides no benefits for local residents.

However, in favour of the proposed facility are a steel company owner, a steelworkers union and a group representing construction workers. The supporters are urging plant operators to withdraw their complaints, saying it will provide employment in the area.

The new plant, which is scheduled to begin operations in 2014, will hire 40 full-time staff and will create a number of construction jobs. It is also expected to support the forest industry, including loggers, haulers and foresters.

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