ProcMart ventures into end-to-end biomass briquettes procurement

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The B2B marketplace and supply chain solutions provider ProcMart has ventured into end-to-end procurement services of biomass briquettes as a potential alternative sustainable energy source, reported ITLN.
In a press release, ProcMart stated it will source high-quality biomass briquettes from certified and approved vendors and then supply them to various plants pan India.
It also said it will be a reliable procurement partner for multiple industries via prompt deliveries and logistics solutions at competitive prices.
Coal-fired power plants continue to generate most electricity used in industrial applications. The fact that most alternative energy sources require different power-generation equipment than what is currently in use is one factor contributing to a perhaps sluggish adoption of these sources.
This renewable energy source can replace numerous fossil fuels without upgrading the existing machinery, according to the company.
ProcMart aims to materialise their usage in a feasible manner with services including supplier selection, managing agreements, regular audits, serving as purchase & warehouse partner along with logistics & testing.
Anish Popli, founder & CEO of ProcMart said: “Biomass briquettes are becoming a significant source of green energy in India as the raw materials are readily available. Additionally, the sector has benefited from the Indian government's efforts to encourage using biomass briquettes for co-firing in thermal power plants.
"The industry may get over its existing logistical and supply issues through digitisation, production incentives, inventory and demand planning, and other strategies.
"Thus, keeping all the above factors in mind and the amount of pollution that an individual is exposed to, we believe that this is just one small step towards our responsibility to a sustainable environment.”
Currently, ProcMart has partnered with more than 35+ vendors across different cities supplying to Pune, Chennai, Indore, Delhi and Sonipat, among others.
The firm aims to expand further within six months expecting to partner with more the 70-80 vendors for biomass briquettes. The clients who are making this sustainable switch mainly belong to FMCG and pharma industries.

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