Prime Minister of Norway opens RENEVO’s newest biogas plant

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Norwegian Prime Minister, Jonas Gahr Støre, inaugurated RENEVO’s new renewable biogas plant in Stord, Western-Norway, on 24 May.

It is the first of its kind in Norway and marks the start of a Western Norway energy adventure that produces the equivalent of renewable energy that 4,000 households consume per year.

The Stord plant is the largest commercial renewable biogas plant in Western Norway, where liquefied biogas and fertilisers are produced from raw materials from local fisheries, and the local aquacultural and agricultural sectors.

The plant will provide the region with renewable, clean energy for fuel - liquified biomethane - as well as valuable organic fertiliser for the agriculture sector.

CO2 that is captured during the process can be used in the aquaculture and food industries, adding to the overall value creation at the plant.

The plant is a collaboration between RENEVO and Antec.

The project was signed in the summer of 2020, and officially opened two years later.

"Finally, we can mark the start of production at our biogas plant – Norway's first of its kind. This is a milestone for us, our partners, and for the industry. The official opening also announces the start of a new era in renewable energy production in our country. Plant number two, in Etne, is already in the pipeline, and it will be double the size of Renevo's plant at Stord. Our goal is to build ten biogas plants in Norway," said CEO of Renevo, Jan Kåre Pedersen.

At the core of the plant are the 10 bio-converters, a unique piece of Norwegian technology, developed by Antec.

“The technology we use produces more gas and is up to five times faster than conventional biogas technology. This is the first time this technology has been used on such a large scale. We are very proud to contribute to renewable biogas production together with Renevo and the local community. This is the beginning of our renewable future where Stord is leading the way," added Eirik Gundersen, CEO of Antec.

Each of the 10 reactors, installed at Stord, can treat about 5,500 tons of organic waste annually, and the plant can produce enough electricity for 4,000 households per year.

Similarly, it can supply trucks with enough fuel for a range of about 15 million km per year - or 375 times around the world.

Antec’s effective, circular and modular technology turns biowaste into valuable resources such as biogas, biofertiliser, circular fuels, clean heat and renewable electricity.

Founded in 2014 by brothers Egil and Uno Andersen and Eirik Gundersen, the company delivers modular bio-converters at scale for farmers, industries and communities anywhere in the world.

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