PowerTap to produce blue hydrogen using RNG as feedstock

PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling Corp’s (PowerTap) third generation on-site hydrogen production unit has been enhanced for blue hydrogen classification via Advanced Carbon Capture, using RNG as its main feedstock.

PowerTap, based in California, has set out to build North America’s largest hydrogen fuelling network. Clean Power Capital invested in PowerTap in October 2020.

Most hydrogen in the US is produced utilising steam methane reformer (SMR) technology and natural gas as its primary feedstock with limited carbon capture (grey hydrogen). Green hydrogen is produced using electrolysis, which requires ‘significantly higher amounts’ of electricity and is expensive in many regions, according to Clean Power.

PowerTap’s patented modular on-site SMR production and dispensing system, which improved on previous generations of hydrogen technology via advanced carbon capture and the use of RNG as the key feedstock, produces blue hydrogen.

The firm will be commercialising its blue hydrogen fuelling solutions co-located on existing gas stations where natural gas and RNG are delivered in key markets, starting in the US, where green hydrogen “is not economically viable or physically possible” due to a lack of sufficient renewable energy sources to produce electricity, according to the firm.

Kelley Owen, PowerTap’s chief operating officer, said: “We look forward to being at the forefront of developing the hydrogen highway by providing a greener solution using RNG to support the refuelling of vehicles and fleets across the US.”

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