Potential Prague biogas plant assessed by City Hall

Prague City Hall is assessing the feasibility of a biogas plant to process biodegradable waste from households, businesses and industry, Prague TV reports.

“Currently, Prague does not have facilities for the efficient use of biodegradable waste, which is a significant amount of the waste generated in Prague. We can only compost some of this waste. A biogas plant would use the enormous energy and material potential of biowaste,” said deputy mayor Petr Hlubuček on the city’s website.

“This plan fully fits into the concept of the circular economy in which the city works with waste as a resource. We want to further develop the circular economy. We strive for waste prevention and recycling. Already, less than 10 percent of waste ends up in the landfill in Prague.

“Biowaste is one of the less commonly sorted commodities. It can account for up to 40 percent by weight of mixed municipal waste. Now we want to focus on sorting this kind of waste in Prague so that it is available to all, and at the same time we use waste from businesses.”

According to Prague TV, building new biomethane production capacities is one of the country's ‘priorities’, as it is an established method to hit its renewables targets.

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