Poo power

In Ontario, Canada, an exciting partnership has built a biogas facility generating power from zoo animal waste and food waste.

In Ontario, Canada, an interesting project has just come into operation. ZooShare Biogas Cooperative, formed in partnership with Toronto Zoo, developed a biogas plant designed to process animal manure and food waste to produce renewable energy.

The journey began with Daniel Bida, who previously worked as a financial analyst covering the energy sector. A self-proclaimed nature enthusiast, Bida found himself drawn to renewable energy technologies. In 2009, keen to make a positive impact on the world and tired of his job, Bida began to explore starting his own company to develop green projects in Ontario.

“This was at a time when the Province’s Feed-in-Tariff programme was about a year old and many individuals and companies were motivated the same way,” said Bida.

“Looking to differentiate myself, instead of focusing on solar and wind projects, I got into biogas — mainly because of how it dealt with waste while generating energy and fertiliser.

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