Poland pushes biogas projects

Its neighbour Germany may lead the European biogas race, but thanks to loans Poland is well on its way to contending for the title.

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, an EU programme, will allocate z? 500 million (€123.65 million) in loans and subsidies to agricultural biogas plant development over the next three years.

Overall biogas plant construction projects are said to be valued at z? 9 billion.

Unlike other EU funds, however, it does not set a top value for the subsidies, meaning it has met with a lot of interest. Polish businesses are now planning ever larger investments in renewable energy.

Szczytno in Poland’s north east will be home to Europe’s second largest biogas plant. The plant will produce 13.7MW of energy and its construction will cost some z? 200 million.

Just this year, 103 biogas plant projects, worth z? 2.4 billion, have applied for subsidies.

According to the Institute of Renewable Energy (IEO) there are in fact 300 such projects in the pipeline, worth a total of z? 9 billion.

'The Polish biogas market has potential comparable to Germany’s where currently more than 4,000 biogas plants are operational, mostly small ones. The noticeable trend in Poland is the planning of large installations with an average power of 1.6MW,’ Przemys?aw Mroczkowski of the Independent Evaluation Office says.

Source: Warsaw Business Journal

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