Plans could double capacity of UK AD plant

A proposal could potentially double the production capacity of an anaerobic digestion plant within King’s Lynn (Lynn), Norfolk in the UK, local news outlet Lynn News reports.

The original construction plans were permitted for the plant in 2017, which has a current capacity of 19,500 tonnes of biomass.

However, new plans are awaiting permission from local councillors to increase the capacity to a potential 42,000 tonnes.

“Many of the concerns of third parties will now be covered by specific permit requirements and therefore greater controls will be in place,” officials said in a report.

The Lynn Civic Society are objecting to the prospect of the capacity upgrade, arguing that the increase in size could have negative effects on the landscape as well as leading to a vast increase in truck traffic within the area.

Despite this, officials state that vehicle movements will be utilising the same routes as they are now, as well as accessing the site through a newly built farm track.

“However, this will be relatively small due to either an increase in size of HGV or previous under use of the capacity of the HGV vehicles,” the report states.

“Whilst the domes of the new digesters will be visible in the wider landscape, they will be read against taller structures in the immediate vicinity and against the backdrop of an industrial area.”

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