Pinnacle Renewable Energy establishes a pellet transport world record

Pinnacle Renewable Energy has announced the first full loading of wood pellets into a Panamax class vessel.

This world first took place at the company's Westview Terminal in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada, on 2 June 2015. It will be the largest load of wood pellets ever shipped anywhere in the history of the industry.

Panamax vessels are purpose-built to utilise the maximum capacity of the Panama Canal. The vessel will carry almost 60,000 tonnes of wood pellets to Drax Power in the UK, where they will be burned as a greener alternative to coal.

The use of Panamax class vessels will allow Pinnacle to fully optimise its marine logistics between British Columbia and ports in Europe, further establishing the company as one of the lowest-risk wood pellet suppliers in the world. The larger load will also allow receivers to improve discharge efficiency on arrival.

'Pinnacle is excited about its leadership in the use of Panamax's for wood pellets,' says Vaughan Bassett, Pinnacle's senior VP of sales and logistics. 'They are presently an under-utilised class of vessel, so this additional cargo option will suit ship owners, shippers and receivers alike.'

The M/V Popi S was chartered by Grieg Star Shipping in Norway and has a DWT of 80,400 tonnes. She will take 34 days to sail between Prince Rupert and Immingham, UK, arriving in early July.

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