Philippines government to review biofuels programme

The Filipino government’s energy department is to look into ‘more realistic targets’ for the country’s bioethanol production.

Energy undersecretary Jay Layug says the Philippines’s bioethanol production has remained minimal compared with demand since the Biofuels Law was passed in 2006.

‘Five years ago the government wanted us to be a top ethanol producer in Asia but we aren’t anywhere near that,’ adds Layug.

Current bioethanol production in the Philippines is put at 79 million litres, which comes from three main plants, but the government expects demand to hit 500 million litres later this year. To help reach this target a new plant from Green Futures Innovations, which will produce 54 million litres, is set to be commissioned this year.

The review was set in motion following an energy department statement that prioritised the utilisation of locally-produced bioethanol as a blend to petrol.

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