Philippines biogas plant to utilise poultry litter

In the Philippines, First Quenzon Biogas – a consortium of local poultry owners – is developing a 6MW peak load biogas plant.

The plant will be delivered by Envitec Biogas, the first contract to be signed by the company in the Philippines. The plant is expected to deliver over 24 million kWh of renewable energy once construction has finished.

The project will make use of the 22,000 tonnes of poultry waste and 30,000 tonnes of rice and corn straw by using it as feedstock.

'The agrarian country of the Philippines offers an enormous potential for use of bioenergy,' comments Roel Slotman, chief commercial officer of Envitec, who went on to say that in addition to livestock biomass, the sugarcane industry and rice production could also be good sources of biomass.

According to the Philippines' climate bill, which was drafted in 2009, the total output capacity of renewable energy will have been increased from the current 5.4GW to 15.6GW.

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