PetroBio supplies wood pellet burners to Norwegian district heat facility

Sweden-based PetroBio will supply two pellet burners for a new district heating plant in the city of Jessheim, Norway.

Jessheim is located between Oslo and Gardermoen Airport. The medium-sized city is growing steadily and now requires heating for households and businesses. PetroBio has supplied and installed biomass combustion equipment for two boilers using pellets to heat Jessheim.

The project, which will see PetroBio deliver a total solution to run the district heating plant, is one of many PetroBio has undertaken in Norway. The two burners, one running at 4.4 MW and one at 6.7 MW, will run the plant and heat the city. PetroBio has been chosen to supply the equipment to Solør Bioenergi, which has the contract with the city of Jessheim to supply energy.

"We are pleased that more people are demanding our solutions," said Daniel Persson, who is responsible for the sale of the project at PetroBio. "Historically, district heating systems have often been based on cheap fossil fuels. We now see that more and more are switching to high-quality sustainable fuels. And that is exactly the conversion, from fossil fuels to sustainable fuels, that we are experts on. And the benefits are many, not least for the environment.

The Jessheim project is part of a long-term expansion plan, which will see the city invest in sustainable district heating in the area. PetroBio's delivery is designed to increase capacity for the future.

Andrej Dembek, project manager for the project at PetroBio, said: "The residents of the Jessheim community will, starting this summer, have hot water delivered to their homes, which will come from sustainable and green fuel. This is because Norwegian Solør chose to invest in wood powder as fuel and ultimately chose us at PetroBio as the supplier of the burners.

"With political will and continued smart solutions, we can also heat Swedish communities with green and future-proof fuel."

Operations are set to begin at the end of summer 2020.

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