Permission granted for biogas plant in Warminster

In the town of Warminster, Wiltshire, UK, property developer and energy supplier Malaby Martin Ltd. has been granted planning permission for the construction of a biogas plant.

Wiltshire Council approved the plant, which is planned for Bore Hill Farm – a redundant smallholding consisting of a farmhouse, disused outbuildings and 12 acres of land.

Employing anaerobic digestion technology for the generation of heat and power, the facility will produce enough energy to power 20,000sq ft of business units. It will also produce electricity that will benefit around 1,000 households.

However the news has left some residents displeased. ‘Deliveries of farm slurry, animal waste and out of date food will be coming to the site in all types of vehicles and inevitably some will be dropped on the road, causing unnecessary smell and eyesore on the approach to Warminster,’ said the local.

Andrew Murrison, MP for South West Wiltshire, commented: ‘I’m disappointed by the decision because I feel the plant will not be a development that Warminster will be proud of.’

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