Pellet plant fined over $30,000

In Athens, Georgia, US, Maine Woods Pellets has been fined $31,220 (€21,590) after breaching the terms of its air emission license.

According to the monthly enforcement report, issued in March 2011 by the Department of Environmental Protection, Maine Woods Pellets will pay the fine in monthly installments after it did not correctly operate its air pollution systems.

The report states: 'Maine Woods continued to operate the facility without replacing bags in the baghouse that were destroyed in a fire and operated the facility without a working wet scrubber.

'In addition, Maine Woods failed to keep maintenance logs for the baghouse, failed to notify the department of the baghouse fire or wet-scrubber breakdown, as required by the facility's license. It failed the maintain a log of operating hours, exceeded the facility's license limit for propane use, and failed to establish compliance with the facility's license limit for particulate matter within the time prescribed by the license.'

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