Parties promote wood-based liquid biofuels

Wood-based biofuels developer UPM and WWF Finland, a conservation organisation, have teamed-up to discuss and promote the status of wood-based liquid biofuels in Finland.

The duo will create a list of joint measures to promote sustainability and will perform a scientific forest carbon impact study that looks specifically at wood-based biofuels. As a result, both will contribute to the development of the RSB certification for wood-based biofuels.

Together, UPM and WWF Finland are also pledging their support for further development of the FSC standard and will encourage its credibility and use in Finland.

'Certification of biofuels, sustainable forest industry and forest certification programmes are the primary ways to promote the responsible production of biofuels and supply chain management,' says Sari Mannonen, director of sales and marketing, UPM Biofuels.

'However, there are also issues that we disagree on, such as stump removal, and our dialogue on these issues continues,' says Liisa Rohweder, WWF Finland, CEO.

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