Paques cuts downtime using Watson-Marlow pumps at biogas plant

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Paques, a world leader in the development and construction of cost-effective purification systems for wastewater and gases, has reduced downtime by deploying APEX, Qdos and Bredel pumps at one of its anaerobic industrial effluent treatment systems in Brazil
Paques, which has headquarters in the Netherlands, helps companies to reduce fresh water intake, decrease their carbon footprints and reclaim valuable resources through its environmentally-friendly biotechnology.
Paques’ biological process THIOPAQ® removes hydrogen sulphide (H2S) from biogas and natural gas streams that produce elemental sulphur, a yellow solid at room temperature, and can be applied to a wide range of biogas streams containing H2S.
Progressive cavity pumps were prone to overheating during operation, especially during the transfer of sulphur mass from reactors to the centrifuge, and required constant temperature monitoring which led to frequent maintenance downtimes.
It was during the production of a new client unit that Paques made improvements to its THIOPAQ® biogas...

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