Paper manufacturer branches out

The partnership between New Page and Nova Scotia Power, coated papers producer New Page Port Hawkesbury, has proposed a biorefinery that will be constructed on the Canadian island of Cape Breton.

The facility would convert waste biomass from forests into 60MW of electricity, benefitting 30,000 homes.

However the proposal is not being well received by local residents due to the belief that burning biomass will lead to a rise in clear cutting.

According to Bill Stewart, director of woodlands and strategic initiatives, the company’s harvesting methods will not change, allowing it an outlet for low costing timber.

Stewart continued by explaining that around half of the generated power will be sourced from leftover bark, while a large section of the remaining fuel would come from trees that are dead or dying due to wind damage or insect infestation.

The project comes before the province’s Utility and Review Board for approval on 26 July this year.

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