Over 550 scientists urge EU to prioritise “climate-smart forest management”

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Over 550 scientists have signed a letter to the European Commission, notifying them of the "deteriorating state of European forests" and calling for climate-smart forestry practices – including wood harvesting for bioenergy – to consolidate their resilience to global warming.
“Hot and dry weather in many parts of Europe and the world makes us worry about the future of our forests,” said the letter, addressed to the presidents of the three main EU institutions – the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament.
The letter, urged for “climate-smart forest management” to enhance European forests’ resilience and ability to produce wood and grow carbon simultaneously.
“If dry years become more frequent, we expect that forest biomass will decrease rather than increase in the next decade irrespective of management and protection,” it warned.
Enviva, a leading producer of sustainably sourced wood biomass, welcomed the letter.
"Enviva applauds 550 global scientists for their letter highlighting the important role that woody biomass from sustainably managed forests can play in climate change mitigation, delivering a fossil fuel-free energy future, and maintaining healthy forests," it said.
"This includes sustainably sourced woody biomass from healthy forests in the US Southeast. The views of these highly respected scientists align with Enviva’s mission and approach to fighting climate change, and we appreciate their public stance.
"Importantly, as the EU progresses its discussions on the Renewable Energy Directive, we believe these expert perspectives, based on science and deep expertise in forest management and ecology, will help inform the policy debate surrounding the use of woody biomass in meeting the EU’s climate targets.
"Enviva remains committed to responsible forest stewardship and supplying sustainably sourced wood bioenergy, providing our customers the opportunity to reduce their lifecycle carbon emissions and address climate commitments."

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