Oslo’s buses to run on biogas

In Oslo, Norway, the government is planning to run all the city’s buses on biogas produced from food waste.

At the moment there 65 buses in Oslo that are powered by biogas from the city’s sewage treatment plant but with this new development enough biogas will be produced to fuel at least 200 buses.

Using 50,000 tonnes of food waste a year, the facility will produce the equivalent of 4 million litres of diesel fuel per annum. The biogas plant will come online in 2013 and will also produce enough biofertiliser to be used on about 100 medium sized farms in the local region.

Once the plant is up and running, the buses will be able to run more quietly and will produce lower emissions.

Norwegian company Cambi won the deal to build the plant, which will be built after research was conducted on its efficiency with the help of public funding from the Research Council and the former Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund.

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