Operations soon to start at Aspen Power's biomass plant

In Texas, US, the state's inaugural biomass power plant is to soon begin producing electricity.

Owned by Aspen Power, the $107-$112 million (€76-€80 million) plant will generate 57MW of power a year from 60-70 truck loads a day of biomass.

Between 50 to 52MW of the overall power produced at the site will go into the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) grid, from which 75% of Texas' population receives power. It is thought the plant will produce enough renewable electricity to benefit 70,000 households a month.

It is thought the new facility will not have a negative impact of the local residents and their surroundings, thanks to $30 million worth of emission control equipment.

It will also provide residents with additional benefits including lower energy process. As Danny Vines, president of Aspen Power, explains: 'Since this generation is right here in Lufkin, that will ensure Lufkin a cheaper price from a power standpoint.'

Engineers from Chicago, Tennessee and Lufkin designed the plant, which will operate 24/7.

The biomass-fired power plant is scheduled to begin operating at full capacity by June 2011. Almost 50 people will be employed at the facility, in addition to 125 staff on the fuel side of the business.

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