EU urged to make legally binding biomethane pledge

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An open letter has called for the European Parliament to include an "ambitious and binding" EU-level biomethane target of 35bcm in the Gas Regulation, in line with the REPowerEU plan. The letter was released by the European Biogas Association.
It said that, along with easier network access for producers and well-functioning cross-border trade, this move is critical if the EU is to deliver on its 2030 energy and climate objectives, and if it is to promote energy security.
The letter's cosignatories represent the whole value chain of biomethane - including producers, gas instrastructure operators, suppliers and end users.
The letter states:
- 35 bcm/year of biomethane by 2030 would significantly contribute to security of supply by replacing 20% of pre-war imported natural gas volumes from Russia. Biomethane is a dispatchable and versatile energy source that can directly be used in existing gas infrastructure and equipment across sectors (buildings, industries, combined power and heat generation and transport). Its production relies on a Europe-based value chain and does not create new dependencies on critical raw materials.
- 35 bcm/year of biomethane by 2030 would reduce GHG emissions in energy usages (industry, buildings and transport), waste management and agriculture, thanks to its circular production process. In addition, it will provide significant amount of organic fertiliser and soil improvers, thereby contributing to food security.
- 35 bcm/year of biomethane by 2030 can be sustainably produced. This ambitious target is consistent with assessments of available sustainable feedstock. The European Commission acknowledged this by including this target in the REPowerEU Plan published in May 2022.
- A binding 35 bcm biomethane target by 2030 will contribute to predictability and investor confidence that are necessary for the biomethane value chain to deliver its full potential.
Co-signatories include the European Biogas Association, Gas Infrastructure Europe, COGEN Europe, Association of the European Heating Industry, Eurogas, European Control Manufacturers Association, Gas Distributors for Sustainability, GEODE, FARECOGAZ, GMobility and NGVA Europe.

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