Opcon Bioenergy to build TTS bioenergy plant in Czech Republic

Opcon Bioenergy, a subsidiary of Opcon, an energy and environmental technology group, is to build a bioenergy plant in the Czech Republic which will produce energy using recycled heat.

As part of its contract, Opcon Bioenergy will deliver flue gas condensation equipment, including a treatment system, to a district heating plant used by TTS in Trebic. The plant is scheduled to be operational by the middle of 2011.

The planned plant is to increase energy efficiency in the biomass-powered district heating plant by 25-30% while reducing emissions of dust particles to under 20 mg/nm3.

Intech Slovakia, a subsidiary of TTS, will be the owners of the plant and the company is currently operating a number of its own biomass plants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

‘We are very optimistic about the bioenergy market in the Czech Republic, where fossil fuels and nuclear power have completely dominated the energy sector to date, and together with TTS we will increase our marketing efforts going forward,’ says Claes Scheibe, CEO of Opcon Bioenergy AB.

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