Ontario Government aims to grow biogas sector by 50% over five years

The Government of Ontario will launch consultations to find ways to boost biogas sector revenues. It is hoped the consultation will identify potential changes that would allow farmers in the province to expand the emerging renewable natural gas market and make the region a ‘North American leader’ in the biogas sector. According to a statement, the government said consultations will focus on changes to reduce ‘red tape’ and grow economic opportunities for on-farm biogas projects.

Ernie Hardeman, Ontario's Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, said: “Today [18 November] we are launching consultations designed to unlock the economic potential of the biogas industry. These consultations will focus on identifying potential changes that would enable the biogas sector to access new markets for renewable natural gas through red tape reduction.

“We want these consultations to pinpoint potential changes that could enable Ontario’s $35 million-a-year (€23.7 million) biogas sector to grow by up to 50% over the next five years.”

Consultations by the Government of Ontario will look at opportunities for biogas upgrading to produce renewable natural gas on-farm, ways to streamline approvals and requirements for off-farm and agricultural feedstocks. The discussions could lead to changes that would also benefit Ontario’s food processors by providing an alternative to landfill disposal. This change could save the sector millions of dollars while reducing greenhouse gases.

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