OnGen pilot to assess on-site renewable energy options hailed a success

UK energy performance software firm OnGen has seen ‘significant results’ from a pilot project to model the energy performance of existing buildings, and assess the feasibility of installing renewable and low-carbon energy technology on-site.

OnGen launched the pilot programme across the north-east of England, marking the beginning of its bid to drive the country towards net-zero using innovative technology.

The web-based software tool, The OnGen Expert™, combines geospatial analysis with digital tools to assess the range of low-carbon energy effectively and accurately.

Working with the North East Yorkshire and Humber Energy Hub, the scheme was rolled out across 12 local and combined authorities with support from the Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy across 76 locations.

As a result of the pilot, several areas within the region have identified the most viable sites for generating and delivering renewable energy.

Assessing up to eight renewable and low carbon on-site energy generation technologies, including biomass heating, gas CHP and biomass CHP, OnGen could determine whether technology used by sites across the area were financially viable, before indicating the best system size to deliver ROI alongside a robust financial analysis.

Chris Trigg, co-founder and managing director of OnGen, said: “We are delighted to have worked with the North East Yorkshire and Humberside Energy Hub to help uncover viable opportunities for so many local authorities.

“We’ve been able to deliver reduced greenhouse gas emissions sites and crucially reduce energy costs now and in the future. There is a massive opportunity to achieve substantive and substantial cost savings by deploying renewables.

“If carbon reduction goes hand in hand with good economics, that is a fabulous outcome for consumers and the planet alike.”

“The outputs from the pilot have been a huge success,” said North East Yorkshire & Humber Hub manager Paul Taylor,” with public bodies identifying investable decarbonisation schemes where they have not had the tools and expertise to do so before.

“The intelligence delivered from The OnGen Expert means that public money is being maximised in delivering carbon saving schemes and directed in areas that provide maximum financial return. This has allowed us to focus on the projects with the best chance of success.”

Following the success of the pilot project, OnGen is working on the next phase of The OnGen Expert’s national roll-out. Partnering with Scottish academia, OnGen is delivering additional renewable heat technology options, using OnGen’s expertise in these technologies.

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