One of Japan’s “largest biomass plants” begins operation

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The Yufutsu biomass-fired power plant began commercial operations yesterday (2 February), following a successful trial run.
Sojitz Corporation and Nippon Paper Industries jointly established Yufutsu Energy Centre, a biomass power plant business, and began construction of the plant in May 2020.
Now completed, the 74.95MW plant stands as one of Japan's largest biomass facilities.
The plant utilises imported woodchips and Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) as feedstock, and makes use of unused biomass resources in Hokkaido - such as thinned wood or forest residue. Effective use of this unused fibre helps to maintain the region’s forest environment, and it also creates new employment in the local economy.
In forestry fields, Sojitz has produced, sold, and distributed woodchips in Vietnam and other countries for many years. The Yufutsu Energy Centre will leverage Sojitz’s expertise and know-hows in renewable energy and forest products in order to provide a stable supply of electricity and contribute to regional development, according to the company.

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