Oman to build 'first' biogas plants

Four biogas plants, which will produce energy from more than half a million tonnes of food waste, are set to be built in Oman, local media are reporting.

According to the Times of Oman, the cost of the project, is OMR50 million. Oman Environmental Holdings, also known as Be’ah, is building the biogas plants.

The Times of Oman article notes that the country generates 560,000 tonnes of food waste per year, which costs OMR56 million (approx. €113,000,000) to process.

Fahad Ali Al Kharusi, Be’ah’s head of Business Development, said that studies are currently underway to determine how biogas plants can take advantage of this organic waste to produce electric energy.

“In the Sultanate, food waste alone accounts for approximately 560,000 tonnes produced in households, due to the high consumption rates, which results in a loss of value amounting to OMR 56 million [approx. €127,000,000 annually,” said Al Kharusi.

In September, Be’ah held a tender to conduct a feasibility study for the building of the first biogas plant in Oman. The research will initially look at four sites in Muscat, North and South Al Batinah.

According to the Times of Oman article, although the first stage of the project only looks at four biogas plants, the completion of the infrastructure will support the establishment of more biogas plants in the region.

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