NPG Energy to operate biogas plant in Belgium

In Limburg, Belgium NPG Energy, an investor and project development company, is developing a 2.4MW biogas plant, expected to be operational by the second quarter of 2014.

This renewable electricity has the potential to benefit around 5,000 homes but instead will be consumed by the Spin-group BV in its textile factory.

Initially, the plant will use maize silage to generate power but this will later be replaced with other renewable substrates and agricultural leftovers.

NPG has awarded the construction contract to Weltec Biopower, its first order from Belgium.

The plant concept is highly efficient: the generated heat will be used directly on-site while the digestate will be extracted directly from the 2,000m3 second stage digester in order to be dried with the entire heat produced by the plant. The dry fertiliser will then be sold to fruit and wine companies across the border.

The biogas plant will be equipped with stainless-steel digester, a second stage digester and two 80m3 dosing feeders.

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