Nottingham begins roll-out of biogas buses

Nottingham City Transport (NCT) has announced that the first of its 67 new biogas double decker buses entered service on 15 April.

NCT has invested £20 million (€23 million) in the new biogas vehicles, while an additional £1.12 million (€1.29 million) from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles will be used to expand the biomethane refuelling station at NCT’s main bus depot.

“The arrival of a further 67 biogas double decks and the retrofitting of our younger diesel buses with exhaust treatment technology will see our entire fleet meet the stringent and cleanest Euro VI emission standards within a year and demonstrates NCT’s commitment to improving air quality for everyone in the city,” said Anthony Carver-Smith, marketing manager at NCT.

NCT will remove almost 60 of its older diesel buses from service following the introduction of all new 67 biogas vehicles.

“It’s great to see the ever expanding fleet of gas buses on Nottingham’s streets servicing more neighbourhoods,” added Richard Wellings, principal public transport officer at Nottingham City Council. “Not only will more city residents benefit from more pleasant journeys on new buses, but the cleaner engines are helping to improve Nottingham’s air quality.”

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