Nothing sour about this biogas creation

A European water treatment plant is being powered by a feedstock more typically found on the dinner table.

Sauerkraut, particularly the juice, is mixed with specific bacteria to make methane and CO2 which powers turbines at the Bassin de l‘Ehn water treatment plant located in Northern France.

Jerome Fritz, director Bassin de l‘Ehn Water Treatment was quoted as saying: ‘The sauerkraut juice helps us to produce biogas to fuel the motors which produces electricity which we can sell on to the grid. ’

The highly acidic juice used to be transported by sauerkraut facilities to Strasbourg for processing, but is now being sold on directly to the water treatment plant as an additional new revenue stream.

It is believed the biogas created this way creates enough power to serve 1,500 people for almost a whole year.

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