Northeast India inaugurates its first biogas plant

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Chief minister of the state of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, laid the foundation stone for northeast India's first ever compressed biogas plant project at Domora Pathar during its inauguration ceremony.
The plant has been established by entrepreneurs Pankaj Gogoi and Rakesh Doley, with the aid of Redlemon Technologies Private Limited, and is planned to be operational from November 2023. It will have a generation capacity of five tonnes per day of compressed biogas that would be created from raw materials such as cattle dung and municipal solid wastes.
Sarma expressed confidence that the plant would support the Assam government in achieving an eventual transition to cleaner energy.
He further stated he hoped the organic fertilisers that would be created as a byproduct of biogas would act as safer alternatives to chemical fertilisers currently deployed across the state.
The compressed biogas facilities, like the one being developed in Sonapur, would not only help with municipal solid waste management issues, but they would also give farmers another source of income because they would be able to sell livestock dung to the biogas producers.
Redlemon Technologies Private Limited emphasised the proliferation of renewable energy opportunities after the initiation of the venture of the new plant.

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