No pipeline, no problem

Colony Farm in Cambridgeshire, UK, houses a virtual pipeline to boost its biogas potential

Upgraded biogas is a very efficient source of renewable energy — biomethane. Biogas can be produced from various organic resources, including agricultural waste, municipal waste, landfills, and wastewater treatment facilities. Some of these sites are in very remote areas that do not have access to a national grid to inject the produced biomethane. Virtual pipelines offer the solution.

A virtual pipeline is an alternative method to transport natural gas, or biomethane, to remote places or places that are not connected to the national gas grid network. It replicates the continuous flow of a fixed physical pipeline, working where physical pipelines are not able, and monetises gas in regions with changing supply and demand centres. It offers the flexibility to produce biogas and still be able to inject it into the grid. It can also provide a bridge for injection until new pipelines become available.

The technology

The process of biogas upgrading remains the same, DMT uses the Carborex®MS,...

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