Nippon Paper and Mitsubishi to establish renewable power plant in Japan

In Japan, Nippon Paper Industries and Mitsubishi have agreed to establish Nippon Paper Ishinomaki Energy Center, an electric power generation company that will build and operate a renewable power plant using a combination of biomass and coal in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture.

The new company will set up the electric power generation facility on the Hibarino site owned by Nippon Paper Industries' Ishinomaki mill. The operation and maintenance of the facility will be contracted to Nippon Paper Industries, and electricity will be sold to a power producer and supplier. The business is scheduled to commence in March 2018.

Information about the new company and renewable energy business:
• Operating body: Nippon Paper Ishinomaki Energy Center (name pending)
• Location: Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture
• Date of establishment: Late May 2015 (planned)
• Nature of the business: Operation and management of electric power generation facility and wholesale supply and sale of electricity
• Investment ratio: Nippon Paper Industries 70%, Mitsubishi 30%
• Power output: 149,000kWh
• Fuel: coal, woody biomass (maximum 30%)
• Start of production: March 2018 (planned)


SOURCE: Mitsubishi Corp.

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