Nextleaf inks deal with hemp concrete producer

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Nextleaf Solutions has reached an agreement with Hempcrete Natural Building Ltd to commercialise a US patent related to the use of hemp ash as a material in the production of concrete.  

Hemp ash, processed using Nextleaf technology, can be used as a replacement for fly ash, which is produced as a by-product of burning coal. The ash is a key ingredient in Portland cement, the most commonly used type of concrete in the world, which research suggests generates 2-3 percent of global energy use and approximately 5 percent of man-made carbon dioxide emissions, Nextleaf noted.  

The deal allows Hempcrete Natural to commercialise the patent on a non-exclusive basis, according to a statement. Hempcrete is a British Columbia-based construction company working to create carbon-neutral communities through sustainable, renewable and stronger buildings. 

Government-funded research and development led by Nextleaf engineering manager Krupal Pal has shown superior performance of hemp ash as both a valourised biofuel and as a cementitious material, the company said.  

When hemp biomass is burned to create hemp ash, power is generated and metric tonnes of biomass can be diverted from landfills, the company said. Current estimates suggest that nearly 1 billion kilograms of biomass are harvested annually.  

"Nextleaf identified carbon lifecycle management as an opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while launching a new vertical. We are excited to license our technology to a team of subject matter experts with decades of experience with hempcrete building materials," said Nextleaf CEO and co-founder Paul Pedersen. 

Nextleaf Solutions is a federal-regulated manufacturer and distributor of cannabis vapes and oils under the Glacial Gold brand. The company's multi-patented ingredient processing technology transforms cannabis and hemp biomass into high-purity distillate at an industrial scale. 

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