New Wave Marine, BioConstruct NewEnergy form biogas tank cleaning partnership

UK industrial cleaning service company New Wave Marine has formed an international partnership with BioConstruct NewEnergy to clean biogas tanks.

BioConstruct was formed in Germany in 2000 and specialises in the construction and operation of anaerobic digestion (AD) plants. Over the last 15 years, the firm was built and commissioned more than 300 AD plants.

Danny Husband, senior manager at BioConstruct, said; “We are very pleased to be offering this collaborative venture with New Wave Marine that will visit sites, and discuss the sequence of works and methods of disposal for our clients.

“BioConstruct NewEnergy will attend UK sites and complete all specialised works to open the tank roof and make it technically ready for the clean-out teams from New Wave Marine. Once the clean-up of the tank is complete, BioConstruct will reassemble the tank, and get it ready to go back into operation.”

Darren Negus, commercial operations manager at New Wave Marine, said the firm was “very excited” about the partnership. “Together, the two companies are looking to deliver a full turn-key solution for clients who have the need to fully empty and clean out their digesters and storage tanks,” said Negus.

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