New vehicle fuel cost calculator compares natural gas to diesel

California, US-based Clean Energy Fuels has launched an online cost calculator to estimate the cost of transitioning an individual vehicle or an entire fleet from diesel to natural gas.

The natural gas Cost Calculator also includes an estimated carbon emissions reduction. It can be customised for specific types of natural gas vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks, shuttle and transit buses and waste vehicles. The calculator compares the annual cost of running a diesel vehicle compared with a natural gas vehicle and shows the estimated annual fuel cost, savings per year, savings over five years and savings per mile.

“There’s a false assumption that natural gas vehicles are more costly because they meet such high environmental standards, but that’s simply not the case,” said Chad Lindholm, vice-president of sales at Clean Energy Fuels. “Our natural gas vehicle Cost Calculator demonstrates the economic value of running a fleet on natural gas, and we believe users want to learn how sustainable and cost-effective it can be to run a clean fleet.”

To use the Cost Calculator, users need to input annual miles, base vehicle prices and the desired range to provide a comprehensive cost comparison with diesel vehicles. The new calculator forms part of a trio of productivity tools by Clean Energy. The company also created an Emissions Calculator, demonstrating the advantages of switching to natural gas, and a Grant Finder to identify available supplemental funding for clean vehicles by state.

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