New Vega bio-coal facility and headquarters

Green energy provider Vega Biofuels (VB) is to build a new bio-coal manufacturing facility in Georgia, US.

It will use torrefaction, a process that takes place at temperatures between 475 – 575°F to make the physical and energetic properties of the biomass more comparable to traditional coal, to compress the biomass into briquettes and sell to end users.

VB says it will produce the green energy bio-coal from timber waste to be used in existing coal-fired power plants across the globe. The facility will also double as a new headquarters for the company.

‘We have a few more details to complete before we can move in, but we are close enough now that we have a good idea of what we’ll be able to accomplish here,’ says VB CEO Michael Molen. ‘The facility will have nine manufacturing lines and we’ll be able to more than double our volume for year one to meet demand.’

Construction and project management company Hunt, Guillot and Associates will work with VB to get the facility online.

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