New UK biogas plant gathers momentum

A new location in Lincolnshire, UK has become apparent as locals back the proposal of a new community-owned biogas plant in the area.

After a meeting in March showed overwhelming support for alternative energy supply in the town of Caistor, and with funding from the Department of Energy and Climate Change LEAF fund secured, an actual location for the proposed biogas plant could now be secured.

‘A previous study had suggested waste arising from our industrial estate would be enough to run a plant, so it made sense to consider putting it there,’ said member of community group Sustainable Caistor, Peter Sanderson.

However, following studies, it was discovered that there wouldn’t be enough waste available to feasibly run a biogas plant on the industrial estate full-time.

But a local farmer has indicated that a biogas plant could be welcome on his farm site, with grown crops replacing food waste to create locally-generated energy, and talks are on-going.

‘We are currently discussing various options  to see if at least some of the community benefits that were hoped to be achieved from a community-owned biogas plant can still be realised,’ adds Sanderson.

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