New Sundrop biofuels plant to use ExxonMobil technology

Advanced biofuels producer Sundrop Fuels (SF) is set to use ExxonMobil technology at the site of its first commercial ‘green gasoline’ plant in Louisiana, US.

The plant will use sustainable forest waste combined with hydrogen from clean-burning natural gas to produce up to 50 million gallons annually of what SF claims will be the ‘world’s first ready-to-use, renewable green gasoline’.

SF has confirmed it will use ExxonMobil’s methanol-to-gasoline technology within the facility, with SF CEO Wayne Simmons claiming it will give the project ‘a proven fuels synthesis method’.

‘Our first facility will provide America with millions of gallons of renewable gasoline and establish our transformative fuel production process, while supporting Louisiana’s natural gas and sustainable forestry industries,’ he adds. ‘Our location decision also underscores Louisiana’s commitment to the advanced biofuels industry, and we all look forward to helping the nation meet growing demand for renewable, domestically produced transportation fuel.’

Ground on the project is due to be broken before the end of this year, with SF hopeful the facility will be operational towards the end of 2014.

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