New resources marketplace could aid renewable energy industry

Veolia has launched an innovative online trading platform with the aim of making it easier to sell and buy organic resources. According to the company, the website could be of use to the anaerobic digestion and biomass industries as a way of trading resources.

Dubbed BioTrading, the new website will function as a sales and auction market place. The idea, according to Veolia, is to connect buyers to the rest of the value chain.

“Our new BioTrading website is the missing link for the UK’s organic resources and represents a real step forward in innovation. By operating as an agile trading platform it is a financial and environmental win-win for both buyer and seller,” said Raquel Carrasco, Organics and Technology director at Veolia.

“For the UK, it means more waste can be turned back into resources, boosting sustainability, delivering value and promoting a more circular economy.”


Who’s it for?

According to Veolia, the BioTrading site is aimed at ‘anyone who has resources, or requires them.’ This includes the anaerobic digestion, biodiesel and bioethanol industries, as well as the likes of farming, food and drink, and water companies.

Biodiesel and bioethanol residues, sewage and industrial waste, wood, and food waste are just some of the materials that will be available on the new website.

Veolia states that users of the site also be able to take advantage of haulage companies who’ve complied with the new initiative.

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