New biomass tracking project will divert material from landfill, produce biochar

Agri-food traceability firm TrustBIX will use its BIX platform in a commercial pilot programme to track biomass and waste streams to divert material from landfill and create new products for agricultural and industrial markets.

TrustBIX has entered into a $300,000 (€249,300) contract with All West Demolition (AWD), one the largest regional demolition companies in Edmonton, Canada, and Innovation Reduction Strategies (IRSI), an ‘early innovator’ in biomass-to-biochar production.

AWD is focused on converting wastes into new valuable products by sorting and pre-processing customer waste materials to allow others like IRSI to produce value-added products.

BIX will be enhanced and used to track the waste inputs. Tracking the source, characteristics, and use of various waste streams supports biochar product quality, production practices, suitability for specific applications, and pricing in various markets.

Further, tracking these resources is important to measure the amount of material diverted from landfills, and to quantify the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that result from the production of new products that can be created from these resources.

“We want to be the most environmentally conscious demolition company in the world, and revolutionise demolition and waste management practices by diverting all waste materials toward useful applications,” said Chris Landry, general manager at AWD.

Chris Olson, president at IRSI, said: “We are proud to be converting 75% of all AWD’s wood waste into valuable biochar and other bio-products to improve soil health and to be sold into other applications for green houses, activated carbon markets, and other materials.”

TrustBIX’s CEO Hubert Lau said the project will further demonstrate that BIX is scalable and provides a solid foundation to expand into new markets.

The commercial pilot project will continue through to 1 February 2022.

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