New pellet firm to start production in 30 days

In the US, lumber firm Allengheny Wood Products, based in Preston County, West Virginia, is to start up a new wood pellet company.

Appalachian Wood Pellets will manufacture wood pellets for use as heating fuel in residential pellet stoves.

The wood pellet company will acquire the sawdust needed to produce the pellets from Allengheny, which will be transported from the mill to the plant via conveyor belts. At a later date the company may also look into the possibility of transporting sawdust from Allengheny’s other mills.

‘This is the first time our company has entered the energy market,’ says Donna Reckart, public affairs director. ‘We will be using our own raw material, which is sawdust, so it is value added to what we do at the moment.’

Upon completion of the new plant, which is expected to begin operations within the next 30 to 45 days, it will run 24 hours a day and create 10 full-time jobs.

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