New partnership between MBP Group and ReSource International

The Swiss MBP Group has acquired 40% of the shares in the Icelandic environmental solutions company Resource International.

The acquired shares are new shares and the purchase amount is exclusively used for expanding the capabilities of ReSource International.

ReSource offers environmental engineering services in the industries of anaerobic digestion, waste water treatment, and renewable energy.

The company’s services range from analyses and substrate testing in its own lab to operational management of facilities.

MBP Group is handling an annual volume of 190,000 tonnes of by-products from biological industries on a yearly basis and sees a growing interest from its customers in optimising its handling of by-product streams.

CEO of MBP Group David Magnussen says the company sees a steady growth in regulation of this area, as well as a growth in sophistication and complexity.

‘More and more companies are seeing outsourcing of some or part of their by-product and waste handling as attractive in order to achieve both a high level of competency and compliance as well as operational excellence. We want to develop and offer solutions in this area in cooperation with our existing and new customers,’ says Magnussen.

CEO of ReSource International Nicolas Proietti says: ‘We see that the environmental engineering based expertise that we have in ReSource International is able to improve the management and operation of biogas plants as well as waste water treatment plants. We are excited to start exploring the synergies with MBP and grow internationally.’

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