New Mexico becomes fourth US state to pass a clean fuel standard

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New Mexico has become the fourth US state to pass a clean fuel standard - market-based policies that are designed to reduce carbon emissions while promoting new investments in the production of renewable fuels and vehicles.
Oregon and Washington have implemented clean fuel standards, with California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard often garnering the most attention due to the $4 billion/year (€3.7 billion) market the policy has created, coupled with significant emission reductions.
In a late-night vote at the New Mexico Senate, House Bill 41 (Clean Transportation Fuel Standards), passed by a vote of 26-15 on 13 February.
This achievement is the result of a multi-year effort by the American Biogas Council (ABC), Low Carbon Fuels Coalition, New Mexico’s Governor’s office, and other industry stakeholders.
The ABC said it extends its gratitude to all those involved, with special recognition for Representative Kristina Ortez and Senator Mimi Stewart, who skillfully guided this bill through New Mexico’s famously short, 30-day Legislative Session.
The ABC also thanked Governor Grisham for her continued support and the New Mexico Environment Department for their expertise and advocacy.
“After four years of working on this legislation, New Mexico is ready for clean fuels,” said Sydney Lienemann, New Mexico Environment Department Deputy Cabinet Secretary.
“Clean fuels will bring good paying jobs to all corners of our state while reducing air pollution and incentivising new technologies for transportation.”
“Congratulations New Mexico on taking an enormous leap forward to combat climate change while making the state a magnet for new, local investments,” said Patrick Serfass, executive director of the ABC.
“We’re looking at you next Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, and New York.”

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