New international wood chips certification scheme secures first company

GoodChips, the first international quality certification for wood chips and hog fuel, has secured its first certified company - UK wood fuel heating specialists, LC Energy. Bioenergy Europe’s latest certification scheme is the sister scheme of world-leading pellet certification scheme, ENplus. It has been working towards creating a more ‘transparent and harmonised’ market for wood chips and hog fuel.

Securing LG Energy as its first certified company indicates a crucial turning point for the scheme. LC Energy has a broad range of clientele, from international airports to homeowners, which GoodChips claims reinforces the scheme’s position in ‘striving towards being the solid interface between supplier and end user’.

“Being able to evidence the quality of wood fuel against an international scheme, is of vital importance for continued growth and confidence in the bioenergy sector,” said Lucy Clark, operations director at LC Energy.

“The GoodChips scheme delivers credibility for both our company and biomass fuel. It provides a measurable, recognisable standard on an international scale, assuring the longevity of LC Energy and the biomass industry.

“As the first International Accreditation Scheme, GoodChips will enable national partners to share knowledge and best practice to promote the importance and success of biomass in the bioenergy sector.”

Jean-Marc Jossart, secretary-general of Bioenergy Europe, added: “It is now urgent that we fully decarbonise our economy and bioenergy is readily available to play a key role in this energy transition. GoodChips is a visionary scheme that understands the large trading commodity wood chips will become.

“Due to this, there is a real need for much more standardisation and quality control along the entire supply chain in order to guarantee a reliable fuel to end-users; and LC Energy has now become one of the pioneering companies in supporting this vision.”

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