New initiative driving global approval of Byogy jet fuel

Byogy Renewables and airline partner Avianca Brasil have launched an initiative to support advanced testing to accelerate ASTM approval of Byogy's renewable jet fuel.

This alcohol-to-jet (ATJ) renewable jet fuel is a full replacement fuel that does not require blending. It is different from 'drop-in' fuel, which comprises hydrocarbon additive products with oil-based jet fuel. Byogy's jet fuel is not an additive, but instead a full replacement, standalone fuel. This means it can be used at any blend ratio up to 100%.

'Our goal with our partner Avianca is to first, support the approval of the ATJ suite of process technologies in accordance with current regulations that limit blending to 50%, and then, after gaining appropriate experience testing data, work with the ASTM stakeholders to study the potential use of higher blend ratios that will in turn drive the highest level of carbon reduction possible of any renewable fuel,' says Kevin Weiss, CEO of Byogy.

The initiative will also study to validate the beneficial environmental impact achieved using the company's ATJ to satisfy the proposed ICAO 2050 Neutral Carbon Growth mandate for the country of Brazil by leveraging the existing and abundant sugarcane feedstock, as opposed to waiting for years before other agriculture feedstock industries are proven cost effective.

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