New Generation Power launches biomass project in Japan

New Generation Power International, a global renewable energy company, will build three 11.5 MW wood biomass plants in Japan.

In collaboration, Chicago-based New Generation Power International (NGPI) and wood and biomass power specialist Nippon Energy Solution (NES) will initiate a new wood-based biomass energy generation project.

The project will include the construction of three separate facilities situated in the Japanese regions of Miyazaki and Kagoshima.

In the future, NGPI and NES are looking to increase their biomass power plant by more than 100MW throughout Japan.

'We are in the day and age where we have to use technologies to convert any waste or remains into energy and keep the cycle going,' says Nisha Joshi, President of NGPI. 'This will not only help clean the waste from the world's growing population, but also keep up with the growing energy demand.'

The 34.5 MW wood biomass project is expected to be commissioned by late 2016.

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