New French biodiesel plant finds constructor

Austria-based plant manufacturer and technology supplier BDI Bioenergy International has been commissioned to build a multi-feedstock biodiesel plant at the port of Le Harve, France.

BDI won the contract worth €16.4 million ($20.1 million) from EcoMotion France (EF) and it involves implementing the entire biodiesel process as well as the assembly and installation of the plant. EF is a subsidiary of the Saria Bio Industries Group.

The biodiesel manufactured at the new plant will be marketed via the filling station network of supermarket chain Intermarché. Feedstock will come in the form of locally collected animal fats, which are not approved for human consumption, and used cooking oil. It is hoped the plant will produce 75,000 tonnes of biodiesel a year.

‘Our new commission demonstrates that there continues to be potential for new plants in the biodiesel sector,’ says BDI chief sales officer Edgar Ahn. ‘We do, however, think that there is a definite emphasis on plants that are able to process waste materials and thus help to promote environmental protection on a sustained basis. As technology provider for multi-feedstock biodiesel plants, we feel we are equipped to satisfy these requirements.’

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