New energy-from-waste plant agreed in UK

Consent was given today by the UK government for the construction of a 60MW energy-from-waste generating station in Cheshire.

The proposed development in Northwich will generate enough power to supply 80,000 homes and create a total of 500 jobs during the construction period and a further 50 permanent operating posts.

‘It is essential we have a balanced energy mix in the future to provide low cost, efficient energy to households and businesses,’ says a spokesman from the Department of Energy and Climate Change. ‘This plant will take waste and turn it into something of great value, while creating jobs in the local community.’

A full and detailed public inquiry recommended that consent for the station be granted after hearing evidence about all aspects of the proposed development, including its potential health and visual impacts as well the implications for traffic safety and the local environment.

The plant, which will be fuelled with pre-treated, non-recyclable waste, will be run by E.ON Energy from Waste.

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