New biorefinery development for Texas

A new 30 million gallon a year biorefinery is to be built in Port Arthur, Texas, following a deal between Endicott Biofuels (EBF) and KMTEX.

The site is to use EBF’s technology to produce the biodiesel and KMTEX will provide the project with construction and operational services. Haddington Ventures has funded the development, on which construction is due to begin at the end of this month.

EBF’s biodiesel is a patented process that consumes oil, grease or waste fat, turning it into the biodiesel. Mostly it will use feedstock that is inedible, working towards reducing the country’s dependency on foreign crude oil.

KMTEX already owns sites in Port Arthur where it processes petrochemicals, speciality chemicals, oleochemicals, agricultural chemicals, and food grade chemicals. Its services include terminal storage and project management in materials handling, distillation, filtration, molecular sieve, and reaction chemistry.

KMTEX’s president Artie McFerrin says: 'Our chemical processing capabilities in Port Arthur are well-suited to complement Endicott’s production of biodiesel.' EBF’s CEO David Robinson adds: 'Our biodiesel uses 100% waste materials and will have sub-60 second cold soak performance and very low carbon intensity, which means a fuel that is both reliable and environmentally cleaner than its competitors.'

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