New biomass-fired thermoelectric plant to be built in Brazil

Brazilian firm IBS Energy Group has signed an agreement with Power China to build a biomass-fired thermoelectric plant in Brazil.

The estimated investment in the new facility is R $600 million (€109 million), covering the complete installation of the plant and obtaining the necessary biomass - predominantly from eucalyptus planted forests.

The agreement was made through group company SEPCO1. An EPC firm, SEPCO1 will deliver the entire project, working closely with IBS Energy. According to CEO Antonio Bento, the partnership with Power China takes the project to "another level" of technologies in biomass generation, with enhanced efficiency in productivity and competitive advantages for the business.

The new plant in Brazil, called Cidade do Livro, will burn biomass directly in a fluidised bed steam boiler, generating an estimated 250 tons per hour of steam at 515oC and 82 bar pressure.

The facility will deliver clean, renewable, sustainable and certified energy equivalent to supply 130,000 homes with electricity in the region. Construction is scheduled to start in July 2020.

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